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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database PL/SQL Developer's Guide
Release 11.2.1

Part Number E13076-03
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1 Introduction to PL/SQL in the TimesTen Database

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database supports PL/SQL (Procedural Language Extension to SQL), a programming language that allows you to integrate procedural constructs with SQL in your TimesTen database. PL/SQL is an integral part of Oracle Database. As such, many of the PL/SQL features present in Oracle 11g ( are also present in TimesTen. In addition, PL/SQL operates in essentially the same way in TimesTen as in Oracle.

This chapter provides a brief introduction to TimesTen PL/SQL, covering the following topics:

Features of PL/SQL in TimesTen

PL/SQL support in TimesTen allows you to:

Audiences for this document

There are two primary developer audiences for this document:

The following subsections note areas of particular interest in this document for each audience.

Developers experienced with Oracle Database and Oracle PL/SQL

Developers experienced with Oracle PL/SQL can bypass much of this document, which covers many general concepts of PL/SQL. Likely areas of interest, particularly differences in PL/SQL functionality between Oracle and TimesTen, include the following. Note that TimesTen-specific considerations are discussed at the end of chapters 2, 3, and 4 and throughout chapter 10.

Developers experienced with TimesTen

Most of this document is geared toward readers without prior PL/SQL experience, especially prior TimesTen users who are not familiar with PL/SQL, and nearly the entire document should be useful. In particular, Chapter 2, "Programming Features in PL/SQL in TimesTen," will help these readers get started and Chapter 5, "Examples Using TimesTen SQL in PL/SQL," includes some additional examples.

Chapter 9, "TimesTen PL/SQL Support: Reference Summary," is geared toward differences between TimesTen PL/SQL and Oracle PL/SQL and may be of less interest.

About the TimesTen PL/SQL demos

After you have configured your environment, you can confirm that everything is set up correctly by compiling and running the TimesTen Quick Start demo applications. Refer to the Quick Start welcome page at install_dir/quickstart.html, especially the links under Sample Programs, for information about the following:

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