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Oracle® Database Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E10820-03
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DBA_JOBS describes all jobs in the database.

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USER_JOBS describes the jobs owned by the current user.

Column Datatype NULL Description
JOB NUMBER NOT NULL Identifier of job. Neither import/export nor repeated executions change this value.
LOG_USER VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Login user when the job was submitted
PRIV_USER VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL User whose default privileges apply to this job
SCHEMA_USER VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULL Default schema used to parse the job

For example, if the SCHEMA_USER is SCOTT and you submit the procedure HIRE_EMP as a job, the Oracle Database looks for SCOTT.HIRE_EMP

LAST_DATE DATE   Date on which this job last successfully executed
LAST_SEC VARCHAR2(8)   Same as LAST_DATE. This is when the last successful execution started.
THIS_DATE DATE   Date that this job started executing (usually null if not executing)
THIS_SEC VARCHAR2(8)   Same as THIS_DATE. This is when the last successful execution started.
NEXT_DATE DATE NOT NULL Date that this job will next be executed
NEXT_SEC VARCHAR2(8)   Same as NEXT_DATE. This is when the last successful execution started.
TOTAL_TIME NUMBER   Total wall clock time spent by the system on this job (in seconds) since the first time this job executed. This value is cumulative.
BROKEN VARCHAR2(1)   Y: no attempt is made to run this job

N: an attempt is made to run this job

INTERVAL VARCHAR2(200) NOT NULL A date function, evaluated at the start of execution, becomes next NEXT_DATE
FAILURES NUMBER   Number of times the job has started and failed since its last success
WHAT VARCHAR2(4000)   Body of the anonymous PL/SQL block that the job executes
NLS_ENV VARCHAR2(4000)   Session parameters describing the NLS environment of the job
MISC_ENV RAW(32)   Other session parameters that apply to this job
INSTANCE NUMBER   ID of the instance that can execute or is executing the job. The default is 0.

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