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Oracle® Database 2 Day + Data Warehousing Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E10578-02
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Part I Building Your Data Warehouse

1 Introduction to Data Warehousing

2 Setting Up Your Data Warehouse System

3 Identifying Data Sources and Importing Metadata

4 Defining Warehouses in Oracle Warehouse Builder

Part II Loading Data into Your Data Warehouse

5 Defining ETL Logic

6 Deploying to Target Schemas and Executing ETL Logic

Part III Reporting on a Data Warehouse

7 SQL for Reporting and Analysis

Part IV Managing a Data Warehouse

8 Refreshing a Data Warehouse

9 Optimizing Data Warehouse Operations

10 Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks

11 Backing up and Recovering a Data Warehouse

12 Securing a Data Warehouse


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