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Oracle® Application Express Application Migration Guide
Release 3.2

Part Number E12509-01
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about, 3
Access migration project, 3
using, 4.6.8
creating, 4.7.2
setting up detaults, 4.7.1
application conversion
forum, 1.2.2
Application Express Administration Services, 3.4.1, 4.3.1
Application Express users
controlling account availability, 3.4.2, 4.3.2
requiring password change, 3.4.2, 4.3.2
application migration
forum, 1.1.3
overview, 2


business logic
about implementing, A.1.5


Microsoft Access migration project, 3.8
Oracle Forms project, 4.8


converting to XML, 4.2.1
Forms Menu
reviewing, 4.6.6
viewing details,
viewing summary,
Forms2XML conversion tool
using from command line,
using in Java program,
application conversion, 1.2.2
application migration, 1.1.3
Froms Menus
about conversion, A.4


generated applications
about, A.1.2
about primary keys, A.1.2.1


list of values
about, A.1.4


MDB file
analyzing, 1.1.2
converting to XML, 4.2.1
Microsoft Access
migrating to Oracle Application Express, 3
Microsoft Access application
about migrating, 1.1
analyzing MDB file, 1.1.2
checklist, 1.1.1
preparing for migration, 1.1.1
Microsoft Access migration
about, 3
about Project page, 3.5.1
adding Oracle Application Express users, 3.4
creating a migration project, 3.5
creating a workspace, 3.4
exporting metadata, 3.2
generate applications, 3.7
migrating the database, 3.3
overview, 3.1
reviewing database, 3.6.5
reviewing forms, 3.6.3
reviewing module, 3.6.5
reviewing page information, 3.6.5
reviewing queries, 3.6.2
reviewing reports, 3.6.4
reviewing retrieved objects, 3.6
reviewing tables, 3.6.1
Microsoft Access migration project
deleting, 3.8


object libraries
about conversion, A.5
converting to XML, 4.2.1
reviewing, 4.6.7
Oracle Application Express
about processes, A.1.5.1
about validations, A.1.5.3
computations, A.1.5.2
creating users, 3.4.2, 4.3.2
creating workspace manually, 3.4.1, 4.3.1
logging in to a workspace, 3.4.3, 4.3.3
programming concepts, 2
Oracle Forms
migrating to Oracle Application Express, 4
Oracle Forms application
about converting, 1.2
checklist, 1.2.1
Oracle Forms components
mappings, A.1
overview, A.1.1
Oracle Forms conversion
about, 4
about Associated Application box,
about Completion Status box,
about Search bar,
about Tasks box,
adding Oracle Application Express users, 4.3
converting Oracle Report, 4.2.3
converting PL/SQL library, 4.2.2
converting to XML, 4.2
Create Application button,
creating a conversion project, 4.5
creating a workspace, 4.3
creating an application, 4.7.2
deleting, 4.8
editing Forms metadata, 4.6
editing project details, 4.6.2
generating an Oracle Application Express application, 4.7
Project page, 4.6.1
reviewing blocks,
reviewing Forms menu, 4.6.6
reviewing Forms objects, 4.6.3
reviewing items,
reviewing object libraries, 4.6.7
reviewing Oracle Report, 4.6.4
reviewing PL/SQL libraries, 4.6.5
Run Application button,
selecting items,
selecting specific objects,
setting up application defaults, 4.7.1
step overview, 4.1
tracking MenuModules,
Upload File button,
uploading additional files,
uploading objects into schema, 4.4
using annotations, 4.6.8
viewing an imported report,
viewing blocks,
viewing Form Menu details,
viewing FormModules,
viewing Forms Menus,
viewing items,
viewing object metadata,
viewing Program Unit details,
Oracle Forms mappings
alerts, A.1.1.1
block to page region, A.1.3
blocks, A.1.1.2
canvases, A.1.1.3
coordinates, A.1.1.4
editors, A.1.1.5
list of values, A.1.1.6
master detail blocks, A.1.3.3
non-database blocks, A.1.3.4
program units, A.1.1.7
property classes, A.1.1.8
record groups, A.1.1.9
single record block, A.1.3.1
tabular forms, A.1.3.2
triggers, A.1.1.10
visual attributes, A.1.1.11
windows, A.1.1.12
Oracle Report
about conversion, A.2
converting to XML, 4.2.3
reviewing, 4.6.4


PL/SQL libraries
about conversion, A.3
converting to TXT file, 4.2.2
reviewing, 4.6.5
Project page, 4.6.1
about, 3.5.1
about search bar.,


related documents, Preface


topic overview, Preface


user accounts
controlling account availability, 3.4.2, 4.3.2
creating, 3.4.2, 4.3.2
requiring password change, 3.4.2, 4.3.2


creating, 4.3.1
logging in to, 3.4.3, 4.3.3

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